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de Saisset Museum

California Stories from Thámien to Santa Clara

California Stories from Thámien to Santa Clara is the museum’s permanent history exhibition that traces aspects of Ohlone heritage, Mission period history, Californio lifestyles, and early Santa Clara College events, offering insight into the changes across Santa Clara Valley and the roots of Santa Clara University.

Working with members of the Ohlone community, SCU faculty and staff, and subject matter experts from across the Bay Area, the Museum and West Office developed a new exhibition that helps to tell the complex history of the site where Santa Clara University sits today.

Santa Clara University is located on the traditional homeland of the Ohlone making the story of Thámien and Santa Clara University very much intertwined. It is a story of innovation, revitalization, and survival. It is also a story of colonization and assimilation. It is a story that continues to unfold today.

This exhibition was designed by West Office and Pacific Studio in close collaboration with the Museum and its advisors. Design of the murals were created by Amy Hosa and Linda Yamane. The tule house was repurposed from the previous exhibit and the tule boat was created by Linda Yamane. The exhibition, inclusive of the final background paintings, was fabricated by Pacific Studio.