Unity Center

California Museum

Unity Center

Become a Unity Activist!

The Unity Center is a hub for social justice activism, dedicated to inspiring people to have pride in themselves and to respect others. It is a place where people learn how to stand up for the rights of all people—no matter how they look or what their culture is.

Visiting this highly interactive gallery, you’ll see social justice activism in action. Here you’ll create your own digital identity collage, and use it to make a video expressing pride in what makes you unique. You’ll also hear from members of marginalized groups who have faced discrimination in their daily lives. Stories of social justice activists, both past and present, are represented in the gallery through artifacts, media, and photography.

Working with the California Museum, the Sacramento Mayor, and Unity Center advisers, West Office designed and developed the exhibits in this 4,000 square foot gallery through all stages of the design and production process. In addition, West Office wrote and curated gallery content and managed media production and exhibit fabrication.



This is one of those moments when history is calling each and every one of us, and we must heed that call, and we must speak out. Through this Unity Center we are speaking out, we are standing up, and we are amplifying our voices.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla

The power of this experience is its refusal to limit itself to just history or to just current events. It connects our California past, good and bad, to our progress and how we treat one another.

Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg