The World Around Us

Louisville Science Center

The World Around Us

Crawl through a cave and even peek at life in the treetops—explore the complexities of the natural world.

The natural and Earth sciences are brought to life in 40 interactive components of the World Around Us. Three themed galleries—Atmosphere, Terrasphere and Aquasphere—guide visitors through the content. Popular exhibits include “Go H20,” where the complex topic of the water cycle is more easily understood when visitors activate a giant pin ball machine to channel the flow of water, dam a river and even create a flood. Other explorations of the Earth include crawling through a cave, peeking at life in the treetops, or embarking on a mission to explore the environment as Ground Control commander.

[Exhibits aim] to inspire a deeper understanding and greater respect for our natural resources–in settings that engage the visitor in the scientific process of discovery.

Gail Becker, (former) Executive Director, Louisville Science Center in The Courier Journal