Master Plan

Henry Ford Museum

Master Plan

Discover treasures in The Henry’s Ford’s collection, from automobiles to washing machines, and other artifacts from American industry.

In its 450,000 square foot exhibition hall, the Henry Ford Museum showcases objects from its amazing collection of artifacts that document the American experience. West Office worked with the museum to craft a master plan for its future that was engaging and entertaining, as well as financially feasible and sustainable. The plan included new exhibition organization, new circulation pathways, a museum-wide Experience Development Guide, and recommendations for aligning all units of the operation—from Visitor Services to Collections—with the updated brand platform.

Home to objects with incredible stories—including John F. Kennedy’s limousine, the Rosa Parks bus and R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion House—the museum’s mission is to inspire people to learn from America’s traditions of ingenuity, resourcefulness and innovation to help shape a better future.

"West Office encouraged us to think differently in developing a master plan for Henry Ford Museum, resulting in a comprehensive experience with rhythm, flow, and harmony that exceeded our expectations, created shared vision and was sensible to implement.”

Christian Overland, Vice President, The Henry Ford