Future of Farming Tour Experience

Indoor Growing Company

Future of Farming Tour Experience

Take a journey to see a better way of growing lettuce.

West Office was hired by an indoor produce growing company to create conceptual plans for a new tour experience. Visitors begin their tour discovering the current state of produce farming. They learn that the lettuce they eat today may have been sprayed with chemicals, picked days ago, and traveled hundreds of miles, all of which impacts its freshness and nutritional value. Additionally, the lettuce has been bred to withstands this trip, often at the sacrifice of flavor.

In the next stage of the tour, visitors put on a light, protective suit and shoe coverings to help maintain cleanliness in the facility. This allows the produce to be grown without pesticides. Inside visitors get a first-hand experience of what it takes to grow food in a controlled environment and taste the final product in a gourmet salad.

Video produced by Corduroy Media