A Life Celebrated

The Kavli Foundation

A Life Celebrated

Commemorating the life of an entrepreneur and science philanthropist.

The Kavli Foundation memorial exhibit honors the extraordinary life of founder, entrepreneur, and philanthropist Fred Kavli, who passed away in 2013. Working closely with the Foundation, West Office crafted an experience that honors Mr. Kavli’s life-long love of science and successful business career and makes connections to the Foundation’s core mission of advancing science for the benefit of humanity.

An interactive touch table chronicles Mr. Kavli’s early life in Norway, his emigration to America and his successful business career. On display are the many honors and medals awarded to Fred Kavli, such as the Royal Norwegian Order of Merit and the Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy. 

Exhibits also explore the ongoing work of The Kavli Foundation, Fred Kavli’s most important legacy, which funds open-ended scientific research and supports scientists seeking answers to unsolved questions.